Zift Medical is developing technology intended to shift cosmetic procedure patients from a highly invasive operation under general anesthesia in an operating room to a minimally invasive procedure using local anesthetic in a clinic setting.  

This minimally invasive procedure, called a ZiftLift™, uses a platform technology to secure soft tissue to bone. Cosmetic procedures such as forehead or brow lifts are the first target market. With this technology, patients see immediate effects with minimal discomfort and fast recovery time.

Reducing the barriers to cosmetic procedures, such as invasiveness, discomfort and long recovery times, increases the potential patient population. Moving to a clinic setting expands the provider base to include multiple specialties such as Dermatologists, Plastic, Facial Plastic and Occuloplastic Surgeons.

Zift Medical is also investigating additional applications for the technology such as orthopedics, orthodontics, oral and general surgery.


Implant-penny photo © 2017 Al Pace

Zift Implant-Penny photo
Enabling minimally invasive cosmetic procedures